15 Nov ’23 by Graeme

We are pioneering a new standard for community engagement and asset distribution enabled by blockchains.

Leaderboard example

Designs from the upcoming platform.

Blockchains transform online networks into economies by providing network ownership to users through token distribution. This rewards user engagement with value.

Historically, projects have relied on off-chain engagement records to determine reward recipients and amounts, resulting in airdrops based on a points system. However, we’ve elevated this process. We have developed a real-time, onchain system to track points, thereby enhancing transparency, fairness, and interoperability. This innovation not only improves the user experience but also strengthens loyalty, driving growth and retention.

By utilizing a layer 3 app-chain, we deliver sophisticated functionality coupled with the cost efficiency of web2. Our system maintains seamless connectivity with other onchain ecosystems through secure bridges that facilitate both message and asset transfers across chains.

Our platform simplifies the creation and exploration of onchain point systems. It features engaging leaderboards, protocols, and tools designed for efficient community engagement and asset distribution based on rankings.

We envision these point systems as a new way to convene and strengthen communities linked to onchain assets. Initially focusing on crypto-native projects for point system integration, we also envision including other domains, such as education, health and fitness apps that can leverage onchain incentives.

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